Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? We can’t!

The excitement is real and we’re already deep into the planning process of our very own SES Christmas celebrations… obviously! We can’t help but be super organised, it’s in our blood!

Whether you’re planning on celebrating face-to-face or virtually this year, we know how important it is to show your team that appreciation for all their hard work and it’s clear to us that everyone wants to seriously celebrate in style this year, especially after the difficulty of being unable to have a proper party last year! We can promise you; we know exactly what it takes to pull off an incredible Christmas party through experiencing the good (and the bad). But today we’re going to talk Virtual and tell you what every good Virtual Christmas Party needs.

Here are our top tips on ensuring your Virtual Christmas Party is fantastic, festive, and most importantly, FUN!

1. Creating atmosphere and engagement!

The atmosphere at an event is absolutely crucial towards event experience. If the vibes right, you’ll have the best night. If it’s not, you want to do everything you can to leave and go somewhere better, right? We all know that the atmosphere is completely different with a virtual event, and it can be quite difficult to create that buzz through our screens. But it is definitely doable! To set the scene, we suggest finding your favourite space to set up your laptop or phone, ready for a comfortable at-home experience.

Once the scene is set, the event itself does all the work. If you’re not fully immersed in the event, you’ll lose interest, simple. And we don’t want that, do we! To avoid this at all costs, your event must be interactive to engage all the senses and get you really involved with your virtual colleagues and friends.

We go above and beyond to make sure all our Virtual Christmas Parties are interactive as well as fun, whether it’s our very own Masked Tasker Quiz Party that encourages you to make decisions when there is conflict on a question/task, establish group goals, and collaborate with team players when support is needed on a task; or the Gin Making Experience, where you each receive a special parcel with all your ingredients to your door and you follow instruction from your professional host on how to make your very own Gin; it’s important to create an immersive virtual environment that encourages conversation and collaboration to ensure you don’t start yawning behind your screen!

2. Hosts with the most!

There’s nothing worse than a boring virtual party, especially at Christmas time. We know how easy it is to get Zoom fatigue, trust us! So we ensure that all our party hosts have the gift of the gab and are guaranteed to have you fully immersed and engaged in your virtual parties. Whether it’s the Virtual Murder Mystery with amazing live actors that are sure to get your adrenaline running, or an interactive Cocktail Making Party that will bring out the competitive side in those who want the medal for ‘Best Christmas Cocktail’, or even a relaxing Yoga & Meditation session; our virtual hosts will complement the tone of the event second to none, promising you the best experience possible!

3. Send a gift in the post!

Having a physical element as part of your Virtual celebrations is bound to create excitement! This is why sending something special out to everyone in preparation for your Virtual Christmas Party will create anticipation and there’s no better feeling than receiving a pretty package in the post is there? Having something physical to accompany your virtual Christmas experience really enhances the experience of attending an event from home, and just adds that little festive touch; whether it’s your Fine Dining ingredients ready to pop in the oven, or some fancy cocktail glasses to accompany your Mixology Masterclass!

However giddy you may be for your Christmas celebrations this year, it’s important to remember they are an opportunity to celebrate everyone’s hard work over the year! If your online extravaganza follows the three tips we’ve covered, your party is guaranteed to be a success, ensuring everyone has a good old laugh and feels recognised and appreciated for their efforts!

After the overwhelming response from our Virtual Christmas parties last year, we’re very pleased to say we’ve already seen a huge interest in people wanting to celebrate virtually again this year with dates already getting booked up!

If you’re interested in what we have to offer, download our Virtual Christmas Parties Brochure today! It’s packed full of amazing experiences for you to choose from, or you can give us a call on 0113 824 1283 to see how we can help you bring your festive party ideas to life!