Hi, I’m Tara and this blog is all about my first week as an Event Executive with The Secret Event Service!

It’s no secret that not everyone can work in events. Its a lot of precise work. You have to be organised, punctual and have the ability to create an outstanding event. The goal is to produce the best success for a brand or organisation and to ensure the target audience is properly engaged. My first week at The Secret Event Service was an amazing experience; I really enjoyed it! I feel this role is the perfect fit for me as I love creating things from scratch, especially when given a brief to work from. Completing tasks really brings me joy. I also thrive when organising things, it helps me to be more productive and structured, which overall helps me to become a better team player!

The pinnacle from my first week was definitely meeting the team. I received such a warm welcome from everybody! They were polite, thoughtful and well-organised, something which I particularly loved. I specifically appreciated the group being patient on my settling in, as there was a substantial amount of new terminology that I had never heard before, as well as new software, which took me a little while to get a hang of. The team really took their time to explain how we work and made me feel so welcome.

Another high point of my week at SES was creating on Canva. Tal, the Creative Design and Marketing Executive, introduced me to the tool. I love being able to freely use my creative initiative to create assets for the company. One of my tasks was getting creative with the headers for our social media. My favourite part was using a blank screen of a tablet to create a birthday post. It looked incredibly real and I was so proud of my work. I appreciated the feedback I was given on my project, as it will help me improve my work for next time. Now when I go to create again, I will know exactly what needs to be done to achieve my goals!

Supporting the team with launching the third birthday campaign had to be another highlight from my first week. It was so much fun! I love the diversity of my work days; everyday is different. I had to find an efficient way to pack the envelopes for the clients, which I really enjoyed and I found I was swift at solving the minor problems that were faced, includingcreating a structure to the packing system, which made it easier to organise.

Overall I loved learning the ins and outs of the event business. It was an amazing first week at The Secret Event Service and I cannot wait to see what my future holds with this company!

Author: Tara Anderson, Event Executive, The Secret Event Service