Private dining offers a luxury, high-quality restaurant service, combined with the intimacy of a private setting for you and your guests! When it comes to selecting a venue, there are a few key elements to think about. From the season the event is taking place, to the dietary requirements for the attendees; even deciding on a theme. There is plenty to consider when organising a private dining event.

To help you create the most memorable experience, we’ve produced some of our top tips to advise you on what to look for in a venue:

       1.  Location

The location of your private dining event is a crucial thing to focus on when searching for a venue. There’s a lot to think about! Where are your guests are traveling from? Do they need access to public transport? Does the venue need parking? The location of the venue adds to the overall atmosphere of your event, so you may need to consider whether to opt for a restaurant vs a bar, city vs outskirts, or rooftop vs basement. These decisions all come down to the kind of guest experience you’re looking for.

      2.  Facilities  

 Another focal point is checking the venue’s facilities. If you’re giving a presentation at your dining event, you’ll need to find out whether the venue can provide a screen. If so, don’t forget to check whether they have a strong wifi connection for the visuals to run smoothly! Checking the accessibility of the area you’ll be using is also key. Does it have lift access for attendees with different abilities? You need to make sure you’ve thought about every individual attending for them to have the best experience. Also, if you require a level of privacy that means you’re completely separate to the general public, you’ll need to find out whether the venue can offer a fully private area for you and your guests!

       3.  Business Vs Pleasure

Are you looking to hold a formal business event, or would you like a more laid back, casual environment? This is an essential aspect to consider when searching for a venue. You wouldn’t want to take a business meeting to a loud bar, nor would you want to take them to a crowded restaurant in the same room as the public! You should think about the impression you want the venue to have on your guests as this can really impact the experience. To ensure you get your ambiance spot on, we recommend taking some time to visit the venues to really get a feel of the mood and atmosphere they give. Getting all these little details spot on is crucial for creating the best private dining event!

       4.  Layout

Together with the tips above, layout is a crucial element you can’t forget to bear in mind when it comes to private dining! Will you be having a speaker at your event? If so, all of your guests need to be able to see and hear them from all around the room, so double-check that your venue can offer this. It’s important not to forget that since Covid restrictions have been lifted, some people aren’t yet comfortable with being up close and personal with others; so ensuring your venue has a flexible seating plan is crucial!

       5.  Seasons

Last but not least, when sourcing a venue, the time of year can have a big influence. The weather can have a huge impact on the experience of your event! If you’d like to dine outside, consider when it’s likely to be nice outside so you don’t get wet through – although, we all know how unpredictable weather is in the UK! Or at least opt for an outdoor space that has heated covers! You also need to be mindful that there are months that are busier than others, which means venues are snatched up very quickly. If your event is close to Christmas, there is always a high demand for Christmas parties, so you should start thinking about securing your venue no later than 3 months in advance to avoid disappointment! As well as this, most venues typically change up their menus seasonally, so bear this in mind when thinking about which season you’d like to host your dining event.

Overall, we understand there are many more things to consider when planning a private dining event. These are just some of our top tips! If you’re struggling to find the perfect private dining venue, we can help you with our free venue finding service. We can find the perfect venue for you free of charge!

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