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Along with the recent lifting of most legal restrictions on social contact in the UK, our lives are finally returning to what can only be referred to as the ‘new normal’. Finally! Masks are no longer essential in public spaces and there are no limits on how many people can meet indoors and outdoors! We’ve all been waiting for this moment for so long – yet we can’t ignore the most controversial restriction set to be implemented in September, being that you must be double jabbed in order to attend nightclubs and ‘crowded events’. We’re honestly on the fence with that one.

We think it’s a huge ask to restrict those that don’t want, or can’t have the vaccine from attending events, but we understand the government’s aim to minimise the spread of the virus and the rise in cases, while still letting us live our lives, and slowly return to our old ways. We were really intrigued to see how people felt about this news, so we stuck a recent poll on our Instagram story and interestingly 68% of our followers felt that it is the safest and best option going forward! We do truly believe that people should have the freedom to make their own decisions, but this will sadly affect those who haven’t had the vaccine as they won’t be able to attend certain events. So, with this in mind, we’re doing all we can to make all our events as inclusive as possible!

We’re genuinely over the moon to be able to start planning restriction-free events again! But in order to ensure inclusivity at all costs, we’ve implemented a hybrid policy for our events. This means that all live events we plan and deliver will have an online element attached to them. This gives us, and you, the ability to have virtual elements alongside your live event for those who cannot attend in-person, or we can quickly shift your live event to be completely online should your audience be unable to attend!

With that in mind – now is a great time to be planning events for the end of Q3 and Q4! If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, loyalty or leads, we can offer a variety of different events with endless business growth opportunities. Don’t be stuck, we have lots of creative ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some great examples of events you should be thinking about planning to reap the business growth benefits:

  • Brand Showcases – We can help you to effectively elevate your brand with virtual, hybrid, or face-to-face events, creating loyalty, raving fans and some serious brand appreciation!
  • Product launches – We can help you debut that new amazing feature you’ve been bursting to share to your team, delivery partners and the public, in a way that creates so much love for the product that your mum includes it as a year highlight in her Christmas card letter.
  • Conferences & Expos – Our team are experts in building large scale conferences and exhibitions, whether it be virtual, hybrid or face-to-face! We know every important step you need to take to create engagement, excitement and ROI.
  • PR Stunts – Engage and captivate your audiences with something wildly creative, interactive and even unexpected! We can create large-scale PR stunts to raise awareness and drive customers to you.
  • Team Building Experiences – Whether you’re back in the office full time, working flexible office hours, or still working from home, Team Building events are vital to boost team morale and keep your team feeling connected, engaged and valued! We work with our clients on developing their perfect team building event & then we make it happen.
  • Team Training – We know exactly what it takes to deliver effective F2F, virtual and hybrid All Hands, Town Halls and Team Training events that are going to leave your team buzzing with excitement and proud to represent your brand!

Our expert event team are always on hand to ensure that the planning and delivery of your events is stress-free and straightforward, and not forgetting fun (in the words of our clients!), all while ensuring your audiences are engaged and excited! What are you waiting for? Get in touch today to see how we can help you smash your business goals with events!

What’s your Opinion?

We’d also love to know your thoughts on the return of restriction-free events and the double-vaccination requirements. Let us know how you feel in the comments!

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