At the Secret Event Service, we cannot wait to get back to live events and to meet everyone in person again… But like all event organisers, we are natural planners at heart that’s why we always have a Plan B.


It is our Company Policy that up to 6 months after the UK Government has officially lifted lockdown restrictions, all live events with the Secret Event Service will have an online element attached to them. This protects our business and your event. It means that we have the ability to transfer your event to an amazing online experience should it not be able to go ahead in person.


Lockdown can happen with just three days’ notice, and with hybrid already built into your tailormade package, it’s enough time to quickly turn a fabulous live event – virtual, saving you a lot of stress, potential wasted costs and creating a sensational online event for your team, clients and prospects to remember in years to come.

What does this like?

Our Policy is to build within your package a virtual element to your event service. This alleviates lots of additional planning time should we need to make the switch to go virtual if any restrictions or lockdowns are put in place on the run-up to your event.

Want to learn more?

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