Team Building

By creating shared experiences through online team-building exercises, a team can be unified and empowered. These are just two of our many favourites and how they help teams build on their skills. 

Why is virtual team building important?

Virtual team building experiences are carefully crafted to consist of several strategies, games and activities to bring a human interaction and inject some serious fun into the experience. Furthermore, it helps teams connect with one another – giving a sense of community whilst working away from each other.

The Masked Tasker

Hosted by the eccentric, difficult masked tasker this team-building exercise will split groups into smaller teams to play against each other answering set topical, and timed questions. BUT, it’s important that you’re quick, as with any spare time at the end of the questions your team will be set a task to complete.

When the timer runs out, each team must present their challenge result to the Masked Tasker and your fellow colleagues for judgement! The Masked Tasker is the only one to decide the scores.

Skills used at Masked Tasker

Communication: Working together to answer themed questions allows teams to communicate with each other in a fun, yet challenging environment.

Teamwork: Each team player must work together to complete a task.

Leadership:  The Masked Tasker will see players rise to the challenge to make decisions when there is conflict on a question/task, establish group goals, and work with team players when support is needed on a task.


When playing the Masked Tasker, everyone has a role in a task and answering questions, but it’s up to the team to delegate who does what and to make sure that they play to their strengths to win the game!

Listening skills: A basic skill, but very important! If a question is misheard the game could be lost!

Online Murder Mysteries

Join our team of amazing actors, as we solve a murder mystery, through the power of a virtual event.

Choose 1 of 3 plots that will engage, excite and enthral your team:

  • Coming up next….murder?
  • Murder at the Manor
  • Lights, Camera, Murder!

Work as a team to solve an interactive and engaging ‘who dunnit’ that is full of plot twists and exciting secrets that will keep you guessing!

Skills used at an online Murder Mystery

Problem-solving: As it says on the tin, with a murder mystery you need to solve the crime, this takes problem-solving to a whole new dimension!

Observation: Slightly different to problem-solving, this is to use all five senses to recognise, analyse and decide what is going on in the scene to help fellow teammates.

Eye for detail: Our pretend online Murderers are sneaky devils, so it’s all in the detail to catch them before another crime is committed…!

Communication: Working together and communicating with each other to work out the clues.

Teamwork: Collaborating to find the clues, the holes in the stories and interrogating the suspects!

The above skills are just a small number that each of these experiences can tap into – believe us there are so much more!

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