Business Growth Events

Despite the world having to take a digital-first approach to all marketing activity since the pandemic first struck, it’s still crucial for us to be building and maintaining strong relationships!

Whether virtual or face-to-face; events should play a key role in your outreach strategy as they are the perfect tool to help you establish and expand your networks. But what type of event is best for your business? Here are some of our favourite ways you can use events to grow your business…

1. Virtual Conferences – Don’t Let The Tech Put You Off!

Here at The Secret Event Service, we’ve seen first-hand just how beneficial virtual conferences can be, with a surge in online efforts over the last 12 months. Geographical limits no longer restrict attendees; allowing you to access more people at one time than ever before! Benefits include:

  • Creating a space for likeminded individuals to come together and connect.
  • Allowing for continuous growth and improvement, with most platforms offering post-event analytics for reporting and future planning.
  • You can create bespoke online events utilising the virtual platform’s functions to best suit your needs.

2. Team Building – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

People who like each other work better together, so team building should be a priority when looking to grow your business! Here’s why:

  • Good company culture is very important to your employees. When your team is engaged and they feel supported, they’re motivated to go above and beyond for your business.
  • Success stems from an environment where collaboration is encouraged. Investing in your team creates a connection between staff, so they’re more comfortable leaning on each other and bouncing ideas around.
  • Now that we’re working remotely, it can be difficult to integrate new team members, so it’s important to create opportunities for them to form relationships with co-workers.

Did you know that we offer a range of virtual team building packages to help you build a strong business from the inside, out? Find out more here!

3. Networking Events – Building Up Your Black Book.

Networking events help you build long lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with people from both within and outside of your industry. There are so many benefits to networking!

  • Networking is a great way to understand how other people approach and overcome challenges, but also opens many potential avenues for collaboration and growth.
  • Everyone in the room is in the same boat; they want to meet new people and learn from their experiences to take back important lessons to their own businesses.
  • See every conversation as an opportunity to showcase your business and build connections. You never know what will come from a quick chat!

4. Exhibition Shows – Stand Out From The Crowd!

If you’re looking to grow your business; virtual or face to face exhibitions are a great way to get in front of a lot of potential customers and showcase your services! Other benefits include:

  • One on one contact time with consumers, retailers and suppliers, creating the space for meaningful conversations.
  • As well as meeting your customer base, you can see first-hand what your competitors are offering and meet other industry professionals.
  • There are a range of opportunities to suit all budgets, from small stands to live presentations! You can tailor your approach to one that will work best for you.

5. Product Launches – It’s Your Time To Shine!

Creating a buzz around the launch of a new product or service is key for growing brand awareness and driving sales! Here’s why you should consider an official launch event as part of your marketing strategy:

  • Not only does a launch event get your business’ name and offering out there, it also creates the opportunity to form those all-important human connections with new and existing customers.
  • Marketing opportunities around a launch event are hugely valuable. From PR coverage and social media content, to lead generation and the building of mailing lists, a launch can sit at the heart of your marketing plan.
  • A successful launch should lead to a whole host of potential new business leads – from people who have tried and tested it, to those who hear about it through the buzz you’ve created.

We hope that this blog allows for you to get creative with ideas on how you can grow your business through events! Why wouldn’t you? Look at all the benefits!

If you’re looking to hold a Virtual Event but don’t know where to start; our team of experts are on hand to help you deliver meaningful and engaging events, get in touch with us today to get started!