It’s happened to us all at some point in our lives; something you’ve been planning for a long time doesn’t come off quite as well as you’d have hoped!

Although a failed event can leave a long-lasting impression on your attendees, it isn’t impossible to rectify and rebuild! The secret to moving on is to learn from the mistakes you made, and work on moving forward with a different approach.

Don’t despair, we’re going to give you some practical tips in this blog around how to recover from a bad event.

Communication is key! 

Most of the time when something has gone wrong, it’s because there was a failure in communication. When there’s a lack of communication between you and your team it can become easy to lose sight of the end goal.  It is important to:

  • keep everyone up to date regularly with the progress of the event
  • get regular updates from those involved in delivering different parts of the event
  • notify everyone about any changes

We pride ourselves on keeping an open line of communication between our clients and ourselves; this enables us to form better relationships and ultimately achieve our goals!

Put the right people in the right place

If your event goes wrong it’s important to look at the team around you. In order to move forward, you need to focus on building a team that understands what your aims are.

When you’re implementing a new strategy, it’s vital that your team members understand how and where they fit in with this.

We regularly say “some people just aren’t events people, and that’s okay”. A good events person:

  • maps out your event based on sound business strategy
  • meticulously plan every part of the experience for the attendee
  • develops a pre-event, at-the-event and post-event plans

Recognise the skills in your team and utilise them effectively. This can be the key to running a successful event.

Call in the experts!

If you’ve held your first event and it didn’t meet the targets you set, ask yourself ‘how could we have done this better?’

Holding a successful event is more than just hiring a venue and picking some canapés! People who are organising and executing events alongside their day jobs often underestimate the extensive planning and attention to detail that is required in order to make any event a success.

If your first event didn’t quite hit the mark, get a team of experts in to help get you back on track! Working with an experienced Event Manager on future events is a great way to rectify previous mistakes.

At The Secret Event Service, we can help you pinpoint exactly what your objectives are, assist in developing your event concept and project manage the event from start to finish so you can sit back and enjoy the day! If you’d like any more information about how we can make your next event a success, please get in touch!

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