In today’s current climate its more important than ever to be conscious of our important on the environment in all aspects of our lives, for us here at SES this includes when organising events.

It can be difficult to become completely carbon neutral all at once. So here are a few ways we try to be sustainable and ways you could try too:

#1 Reusable Bottles and Cups!

Ensure you and your venues are using reusable or sustainably sourced bottles, cups and glasses at the events. This can make a massive difference and may even influence your delegates to make a change in their own lives and companies.

#2 Public Transport and Car Pooling!

Encourage your attendees to use public transport or car pool to your event. This encourages networking, saves your attendees money whilst also helping the planet.

#3 Everything should be computerised!

Before you go to print an event document/invoice, THINK! Can it be emailed/texted/said? Over 30 million acres of forest are destroyed annually and with climate change more prominent than ever it’s never been more important to be conscious of using natural resources. However, we understand some things do need to be on paper, so source sustainably made paper and eco-friendly ink to do your bit.

Nobody’s perfect but if we start off small, we can make a big difference. We here at SES are committed to meeting the needs of every client all while being able to maintain a high calibre image.

Talk to us today about organising a bespoke event for your company.