I am a firm believer in the power of relationships – nothing beats human interaction. No technology will ever be able to replace the moment you meet someone who is just your kind of person and no relationship can ever be built online without eventually needing to come face to face.

That’s why I work in events. I’m passionate about bringing people together, about giving our interactions purpose and about making lasting memories in the process. After all, what is life if it’s not just a selection of moments passed down in memory?

Having said that, building those connections face to face can be really difficult. I’m a confident person, yet I have been to many events where I’ve felt out of my comfort zone when trying to build new relationships. So I thought I’d share with you 3 of my top tips on how to build relationships effectively at events:

  1. Ask questions – sounds simple right? That’s because it is! You should be asking as many questions as possible and listening to the answers intently, looking for ways to help this person with whatever problem they might have – even if it’s a problem that you can’t solve, if you can put that person in touch with someone who can solve it, you will always be seen in a positive light and that good karma will come back your way – watch this space!
  2. Do not sell ANYTHING – again, simple enough. Even if you’re a new business desperate for new clients or you’ve got a target on your back at work to hit your sales target, if you start pitching your products and services at events, people will see right through you. Give away advice, knowledge, offer to have a sit down where you can chat in more detail. Do not start to sell – you will likely cut off relationships and potential customers that you could have otherwise won by annoying them.
  3. Follow up – if you’ve had a great conversation with someone, tell them – send them an email, a card in the post, a present. Don’t leave the potential relationship at the door – do something about it, be active and proactive in your approach! This will make a massive difference when it comes to keeping that long term relationship growing.


This blog is one in a series of 4 blogs I am writing about making the most of connections. Last week I wrote about questions I was going to ask my mentor. Next week I’ll be writing about engaging, exciting and entertaining clients through events.