There’s nothing more frustrating than organising an event, sending out invitations and getting the classic responses, “I’m not sure, I’ll let you know” or the dreaded silence. So, what can you do to change this? Here are just a few tips to increasing your registered attendees:

  1. You need an engaging event email to send to your attendees

You’re never going to get registered attendees if you only send out one or two emails promoting your event. Think about how many emails need to be sent to your audience prior to the event and how often these need to be sent. If you have 6 weeks until your event, you need to be sending out an email a week.

Make sure your emails have a catchy title – often, we all get hundreds of emails a week, if not every day, so you need to make yours stand out. You also need to give your potential prospects FOMO. You can do this by putting urgency into your email campaigns – slogans such as ‘tickets are selling fast’ or ‘sign up before it’s too late’ are a clear call to action for your attendees.

  1. Ask your attendees a question that they need solving

If your event has no true purpose or meaning, then why would anyone want to attend? By creating an event that will answer your attendees burning questions and solve their problems, you are creating an appealing event with an engaged audience, therefore, generating inevitable registrations. For example, if the event was aimed at organisations within the sales industry, you could pose the question “Are you a business that struggles to sell your products on Amazon?”

As the event organiser, you can solve this with your event description being: “We’re bringing in the experts! Two founders from global organisations will be bringing in their knowledge and expertise to help you become successful sellers!” This will make clear that your event addresses your attendees’ problems and increases their want to attend.

  1. Invest in professional photography

It’s incredibly important to have an engaging image on your event registration page. There’s nothing more off-putting than a distasteful and unpleasant event image of someone with half a bacon sandwich hanging out of their mouth and a room that doesn’t even look full.

Photographs set the tone and answer your attendees’ questions about the event’s atmosphere. Well-lit images that show busy crowds of people networking shows people what they can expect at your event and this will be much more effective when it comes to drawing in registrations for future events.

These are just a few tips to draw registrations to your event. There are many more ways in which you can entice your attendees, but this could go on forever! If you feel like you need expert advice on getting people signed up to your events, or have any other event queries, email and I’ll be happy to help!