Events are often used in law firms as a way to create engagement and drive business – and rightly so! Events have been shown to increase the chance of someone purchasing your service or product by as much as 80%! 

So if you’re a partner in a law firm, and you’re reaching the final quarter of 2019, you’ll likely be thinking about ways in which to drive business in 2020. With that in mind, I wanted to give you some food for thought. Here are 3 ways in which you can think about doing events differently, to make them even more successful for you:

  1. Define your purpose: what wakes you up on the morning? What are you truly passionate about? The chances are highly likely that whatever gives you purpose also drives many other people. It’s also highly likely that those people who share your purpose are your kind of people – the ones you want to do business with, the ones you want to build long lasting relationships with. Let’s be honest, business is all about relationships. If you build your events around your passion, and you market this effectively, your people will come! A brilliant example of this is our client Thrive Law who run the Thriving Minds Conference – a yearly conference on understanding mental health in the workplace. 
  2. Think about the attendee experience: how will you engage, excite and entertain the audience in the room? Why would they come to you and not the other 15 events that are happening that day? What can you do to get them in the room in the first place and what can you do to ensure they have a brilliant experience at the event and after the event? Brilliant experiences don’t just happen – they’re carefully thought out, in every single way. This takes time and management – are you doing this effectively? Think about these questions in detail and don’t move on with the event planning until you can answer them. 
  3. How can you share complicated information in a simple way? Law is forever changing, there are updates you need to share and these are not always simple things to get over to the audience. Death by powerpoint never inspired anybody, so how are you going to relay the information you need to get across effectively? You could use an engaging keynote speaker who will drum up the audience and create a buzz in the room, you could separate the audience into smaller sub groups and set off a selection of tasks/games that need to be completed that allow them to learn the information along the way, or you could deliver a selection of workshops that cover a range of topics that would be of interest to the attendee and allow them to expand their learning even further. 

There are many ways you can run effective events within the legal sector – but the biggest thing that needs to remain is that you always stay true to your purpose, think about the experience, and ensure you get over the important information to the audience. 

If you ever need any help when thinking about your upcoming events, you can contact me directly on kate@secreteventservice.comor 0113 4874900