event marketing

What is the secret that every single one of the best marketing campaigns holds? 

It really is simple. The best marketing campaigns, the ones that really resonate with us, their secret is that they draw us in. These campaigns tell us a story, one that is simple enough that we can all relate, but one that creates deep feelings in us that make us either reminisce about times gone by or makes us wistful about the future. They influence our feelings and attach their brand to that message. 

But we’re now in a world where technology is all encompassing, advertisements and standard marketing strategies aren’t having the same effects as they once were. As consumers, we’re becoming numb to the message. So as businesses, we have to rethink our marketing strategies. Events marketing is the game changer for your business. Here’s why:

1.  An event gives you the platform to create and engage your audience in an experience

At an event, your clients and prospects are given the opportunity to test, touch and feel the effects of your products and services. Did you know that 65% of event attendees expressed a clearer understanding of the products and services offered by the host after the event had taken place (EMI & Mosaic, 2016). 

2. Events allow you to connect with your audience face to face. 

There is no doubt we’re in the era of a technological revolution, with the advances of technology changing the outlook of our everyday lives all the time. However, there is nothing more powerful than human interaction. Connecting with a person face to face allows you to build trust, offer knowledge, and ultimately help them to solve their problem. Did you know that 51% of marketers believe that building a relationship face to face takes an organisations business goals to the next level (CMO Council & E2MA, 2013). 

3. Events give you the opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader.  

When you deliver an event on a timely topic, you become associated with that topic, the expertise surrounding it, and the solutions to the problems that topic creates. You build trust with your prospects and potential future employees and this trust is what elevates your business to the next level. Did you know that 84% of event attendees have a more positive opinion of the host company, brand, products and services after an event (EMI & Mosaic, 2016). 

4. Events give your brand another layer. 

Put simply, your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. So how do you control that? What can you do to increase your brand reputation? Putting on an event that immerses your attendees in an incredible experience that they will remember gives you the opportunity to take your brand identity to the next level. 96% of event attendees talk about events they attended and mention the company running the event (EventTrack, 2015). 

5. Events give you the foot-in-the-door! 

Human psychology has proven that when we’re asked to give a little, we’re more likely to agree to a greater commitment further down the road. The more engaged your customers are with your offering, the more likely they are to make a purchase, increase their spend, or recommend you to others. Running an event gives you that platform to create the initial engagement that will increase your bottom line, further down the road. 78% of people said that if they had the opportunity to try out the product/service they were more likely to buy said product or a service (EventTrack, 2015). 

Ultimately, events generate thoughts and feelings in all of us and the key is to tap into these thoughts and feelings to take your business to the next level. Running an event is undoubtedly a game changer for businesses looking to truly engage their client base and create more customers, which should be all of us, right?

With enough time, planning and training any team can create an event that will keep their attendees talking about them for a very long time. Want to know more about how we can help you to plan these events? Get in touch by emailing kate@secreteventservice.com