Well, what a year it’s been since the shift to virtual event delivery. This time last year, I don’t think any of us truly knew just how boring the standard Zoom & Teams calls would become when we’d be faced with them every day. The phrase ‘you’re on mute!’ is without a doubt ingrained into all of our minds forevermore!

When the tides turned to use more fancy technology for virtual event delivery, we explored many different options and settled on using Hopin for our core event delivery. Hopin is an excellent conferencing platform with many different features which, when used correctly, can massively enhance the experience an attendee has.

We’ve now delivered close to 100 virtual events using Hopin and the feedback we’ve received from clients and delegates alike has been overwhelmingly positive, with some even going as far to say that the vibe they felt from these events has been just as good as a face to face event!

So, what does Hopin have that the standard Zoom webinar doesn’t?

In short, lots. It has a main stage, sessions (where you can run more than one room at once), 1:1 networking and an expo area that can be live or pre-recorded and more. If you know what you’re doing, you can even maximise the platform to suit the most unusual of event deliveries (one of our most successful recurring events is the virtual murder mystery that we run within Hopin).

One of the features I most love about Hopin is the analytics that it gives you around your event; post-event, we get to know information around:

  • Who the most active participant was & how long they engaged with the event
  • Who answered the polls & what they said?
  • The top areas in the event for engagement – both from attendee numbers and chat messages
  • The most interactive booths
  • And so much more!!

Now you might be asking, why is that so important? Well at The Secret Event Service, we are passionate about the purpose behind your event. So, when we look at this information, we see opportunities for business growth and brand engagement. With this knowledge, our clients are armed with information that helps maximise their business goals.

Hopin does of course have some drawbacks; it’s a simple system, and without the understanding of how to maximise the platform, it won’t deliver you anything more than you’d get out of a zoom webinar. One of the things we’d like to see added into Hopin would be features that you see on one of our other favourite event systems, Swapcard, where you can navigate the system & continue to listen to the speaker at the same time. It also doesn’t offer an immersive world; for that, we use the amazing event platform from Imagine3D.

However, it’s a very good, cost-effective event delivery tool with a very brilliant team behind the scenes, who are always improving and shaping the platform based on our feedback and the feedback of others like us. We’re excited to see the improvements to Hopin once Streamyard has been integrated into the system.

So, if you’re looking to level up your events, whether that be for external client events or internal team meetings, Hopin is a fantastic tool that will allow you to do a lot! If you’d like to chat to me or one of the team about your virtual events, get in touch here!

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