virtual conferences

Here at The Secret Event Service, we’ve adapted to offer fully online experiences, in a time where only virtual events could keep people and businesses connected! We’ve delivered over 100 virtual events, including over 20 large scale conferences, working with over 3000 delegates and 1000 speakers which has been incredible!

To master the art of virtual conference delivery, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for you and your audiences, we have a fine-tuned project management process. Here are our 5 steps to accomplishing this:

  1. Co-ordinating speakers

Arguably one of the most important elements in delivering an engaging conference is a line-up of top quality speakers who feel well prepared and supported. To ensure all those taking the stage feel comfortable and equipped to present, we operate a rigorous planning process during which we:

  • Organise and complete technical checks to test audio, video and connectivity settings across a range of devices
  • Act as their point of contact on event delivery day – checking them in on time, getting them on stage, and making sure they can be seen and heard clearly
  • Troubleshoot any potential issues and provide solutions to ensure a smooth delivery once they take the mic
  1. Managing relationships

Your sponsors, partners and exhibitors play a vital role in your event – from raising your profile and reaching new audiences, to driving attendance and providing speakers – and so we invest heavily in the management of those relationships through:

  • Working closely with those teams to gather and organise content, maximising their visibility across the event platform and on collateral
  • Designating project managers who can support prior to, during and after the event
  • Providing bespoke post-event reporting for lead generation, and KPI reviews
  1. Supporting delegates

To ensure an easy to follow, enjoyable experience for all delegates, our team are on hand to walk attendees through the system, so they can find who and what they’re looking for in a matter of clicks. From navigating the virtual event platform and answering queries, to solving technical difficulties, we’re an extension of your business and take the time to nurture each touchpoint on the customer journey.

  • We create delegate guides ahead of the event, which provides attendees with an overview of the platform, top tips for navigating the system and contact details for if they run into any technical difficulties. These can be designed in your branding for an additional cost.
  • Our tech support team are on hand to solve any problems that may arise for any of your delegates quickly and efficiently, so they don’t miss out on any of the action. No question is too small, we’re always here to guide them through the system and offer support wherever necessary!
  • We manage the internal communication system throughout the event, ensuring delegates know where they’re meant to be and how to get there ahead of each session, getting everyone into their assigned (virtual) seat in line with the schedule and keeping the event on track.
  1. Supporting you – the client

As clients, you instil your trust in us to manage and deliver top quality events that represent your business and connect you with your audiences. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond, exceeding your expectations of what virtual events can be.

  • We’ll work closely with you and your team to establish your event needs, aiding in your planning process and building a bespoke event package
  • With weekly check ins, we keep you up to date with the build of your event, offering guidance on content development such as event imagery and session descriptions.
  • We will gather key points of contact as part of the speaker onboarding process, meaning we’re able to liaise with them directly and keeping the process as hassle-free for you as possible
  • During the event, we always ensure a project manager is on hand to offer constant support throughout, keeping you up to date with event progress with live data reports
  • Post-event, a follow up session provides you with an overview of all activity, as well as delegate insights. This is also an opportunity to provide feedback on your experience with us, enabling us to consistently grow and progress with each event

Why should you host a virtual conference?

Virtual conferences have the power to connect people across the globe, at just the click of a button! If you cannot tell already from our fine-tuned planning process, our event team will ensure the planning and delivery of high-quality virtual conferences is stress-free and straightforward, all while helping you empower, engage and excite your audiences.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today to see how we can help you create your next virtual conference!