Meet amazing buyers at the Secret Showcase!


Crafted to give you the opportunity to meet fantastic buyers with purchasing power;

The Secret Showcase gives venues the ability to demonstrate everything your venue has to offer!

The Secret Showcase Online unveils the very best venues from across the country to amazing buyers all looking to book business.

The event provides you with a platform to demonstrate why your venue or property stands out amongst the rest, from the first-class experience to the facilities and services available, or what our buyers could expect to receive from staying or making a visit.

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How Secret Showcase Online Works

Over the course of three months, we will hold three spectacular virtual events for each region on our online event platform; Venues will meet 30 buyers from a range of organisations, that have met our rigorous buyer criteria.

At each event, you will have your own exhibition booth to host your appointments, each meeting lasting 10 minutes with every individual buyer in attendance. This is your opportunity to showcase the best of your venue and discuss with them their needs. In our virtual networking booths, you can exchange details at a click of a button, making it easy to keep in touch once the event has finished.

Each venue has there own virtual exhibition booth. This space can be used to post amazing content that will help showcase the best of your venue. Whether it’s a virtual show-round or examples of past events you’ve done, this space is yours to work with!

Once you’ve completed all your one to one meetings, there will be a virtual roundtable talk where venues and buyers will get the opportunity to network and chat in smaller groups.

Want to get involved?

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Over the course of three months, we will hold three virtual events for each region on our online event platform, Hopin. Here the selected venues will get to meet 30 buyers from a range of organisations.

To ensure you’re meeting with the relevant buyers within your area, we will be holding separate virtual events for venues based in the North, Midlands and South of England.

We have worked hard over the course of the last 2 years to build successful relationships with buyers in a range of industries. We have 2 buyer relationship managers in our team who are constantly working to increase our buyer reach and build stronger relationships with our buyers.

Harewood House - Secret Showcase